Our main services:

  • Metalworking (turning, milling, grinding, tooth-cutting etc.);
  • Sheet metal products (plasma cutting, bending, welding works, creation of metal structures);

Our company can provide complex services to large enterprises, medium-sized plants and private customers.

·         Sheet metal products (plasma cutting, bending, welding works, creation of metal structures);

Hardware specifications:

Material: black steel, stainless steel, black galvanized steel;

Maximum sheet size: 1500x3000 mm

Thickness of the material:

For cutting from the edge: from 0.55 to 45mm;
For cutting and punching holes: from 0.55 to 22mm;
Positioning acuracy: from 0.1 mm;

Uses any picture DXF format (AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Compass etc.)


Precise bending by modern hydraulic multi axe bending press with CNC.  

·         Maximum working pressure 80 tons

·         Maximum bend length: 2500 mm

·         Maximum sheet thickness: 10 mm


Our company provides a various raw services in cutting, bending, rolling and welding of sheet metal, creation and assembling of metal structures.



    ·         Metalworking (turning, milling, grinding, gear cutting etc.);

·         Cylindrical, conical external and internal cutting, front-end and shaped cutting with a surface  finish  1.6 according to h7

·         External and internal threading

·         Hole cutting with placement of axes in a polar coordinate system

·         Drilling, reamingcountersinking

·         Processing of inclined mutually perpendicular surfaces

·          Grinding of any surfaces

·         Disk, shaft, sleeve processing

·         Production of a wide range of parts, spares, tools.

·         Metal fabricating of customers drafts

Metal fabricating  from customers drawings wich are developed with our designers help.